My First Startup Program

My First Startup Program for kids and teens

Do you have a kid who is an entrepreneur at heart? Startup Candy Co. has the perfect “startup” business opportunity for kids! Whether it's a lemonade stand, concessions at a summer sporting event, or some other platform, the My First Startup program can help your kid earn some sweet dough.

Quality Product
We make unique and delicious suckers on a wooden stick. They are available in 40+ flavors including seasonal offerings. Startup Candy uses the same, yummy sucker recipes from the 1800s, and we have continued the tradition of quality handmade suckers that taste as good as they look. Startup Jumbo Pops basically sell themselves!

How to Start
We will offer all of our My First Startup members the same wholesale discount as larger retailers, but with an even lower order minimum. Simply create a wholesale account at Important: to finalize your account, please call us at 801-373-8673. Then purchase a $60 minimum order (instead of the usual $200). 

Great ROI
The suckers retail for $1.00 minimum, but many kids successfully sell them for $1.50 - $2. We sell a case of 120 for $60 (that's only $.50 each). So kids could double or triple their initial investment! Plus, the My First Startup program is a great opportunity to teach your family about ROI, maintaining a budget, and other basic business concepts. We have free tools for you to use at the bottom of the page!

Do your kids need to fundraise for their sports team, youth camp, or other extracurricular activities? Look no further! Startup Candy suckers are an excellent option for fundraising because they’re a proven success. We have countless kids, teams, and schools that have used, and continue to use, our suckers for fundraising efforts. 

Free Business Tools
Teaching kids how to earn money and become entrepreneurs is the goal of the My First Startup program, and we have a few free tools to help them along the way. Expand their business education with these free resources we’ve created just for you! 

Do you have questions? We’re here for you! Please call us at 801-373-8673 to set up your My First Startup account and ask any questions. Or you can email